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Working with micamedia

If you are a new client browsing around, you might wonder: What the work process like should I choose micamedia?

Here is the breakdown of how things go:

  1. If the site has any complex functionality, we start with a requirements document. This is a very important step. In fact we won’t continue without one. Read all about it here
  2. Based on the approved requirements, we’ll give you an estimate for our work. We try our best not to exceed 10% of that estimate. (This doesn’t include changes)
  3. If you are a new client, you’ll pay 1/3 of the estimate as a downpayment.
  4. Work will commence.  We’ll give you updates as we go, and give you links to the site in progress. Every monday we send you an invoice for the work done up to that point.
  5. Should there be changed or additions, or simply something unforeseen that is going to take us longer, will will notify you right away, and await your approval of the extra time.

That’s it. It’s just that simple! We’ll communicate during the process via our client project tracker system, email, and phone.