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Timeshare title was in a unique situation when they found micamedia. They had a system that handled all their needs. They needed some changes. Only they didn’t, and couldn’t, get access to their own source code.

They needed someone who would recode the entire system, as it existed, on their own fully owned server. Mica Media’s expert web developer’s were able to do just that. We fisrt wrote specification on the current system, and then recreated it.

Timeshare title runs their entire real estate operations from a web based order management system. It records all information about orders, from start to finish. It reminds users when entries in the orders need their attention.

Today they continue to think of new features for their system, and micamedia continues to add them.

You can view the site here, but you wont’ be able to see any of the order management system which is all of the work micamedia has done. It is a private system.