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When you issue the following command to view the status of files in svn:

svn status

You receive a list of files that have been changed locally. Often you don’t want see the status of certain files or directories.

For example, you might have a directory /pages which is used to store dynamically generated html. The contents of which you don’t wish to version. It is annoying to have to be reminded of this by seeing each file marked as unversioned in the svn status list.

You can tell svn to ignore the status of these files and leave them out of the status report. Here’s how.

Change to the directory you want to ignore files in:

Issue the following command:

svn propedit svn:ignore .

this loads up the property list for svn:ignore for the current directory in your editor. To ignore all files enter the wildcard * in the first list and save. You can enter in as many lines for files you wish to ignore. For example *.php , *.html, etc.