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Outline in Google Docs

Google Docs now has outlines! It’s a list of title and subtitles, clickable which brings you right to that place in the document. Link bookmarks in a PDF. Just go to tools->outline to see it. It’s a really great tool to have. Especially when you are using a document as a reference.

Windows 7 task manager “start in” doesn’t support (or need) quotes.

I couldn’t get a task to run. The error message it gtave was “The directory name is invalid”. I checked all the directories and they all looked valid to me. After much researching online, I found that the “start in” field MUST NOT have quotes in it. While the program to run field can have quotes for the path name, (and must in most cases), the start in cannot.

The start in field can have any directory that might normally need quotes and it will run fine.

So if you are having this problem, the solution is to simply remove the quotes from the path name in ‘start in’. your task with then run fine.

Yamaha P80 patch file – .midnam

Was looking around the internet for a .minam patch file (for ProTools) for the Yamaha P80 digital piano. I couldn’t find one anywhere. I’m a programmer, so why not make one myself.

This page is for everyone else searching for a protools patch file for the P80. Now you have one. Remote the “.txt” from the file to use.


Yamaha P80.midnam

Fasterer Internet Speeds

Once in a while i take a look at the speed offering from fios. They tend to change over time, and once in a while you might find a deal to get faster internet for the same price or less.

In the past i once noticed that my current speed (at the time 15/15) was no longer offered but 35/35 was offered for the same price. So i called and they switched it for me, no additional fee.

Today i noticed that 35/35 is no longer offered but 75/35 is offered for 5 dollar less. That right, 5 DOLLARS LESS!!. So i switched again. Tomorrow i’ll be crusing at 75/25.

The moral of the story is always check the internet speed offerings your current provider has. If it’s anything like FIOS, you’ll keep getting faster speeds for the same price or lower!

Force internet explorer to render correctly

You’ve seen it. Sometimes IE will jump to “comptability mode” for no good reason, and your web site looks all messed up. Well there is an easy way to fix that.

<meta http-equiv=”X-UA-Compatible” content=”IE=Edge”/>

That line in your header will cause IE to use its latest rendering engine at all times.

Copy Long List of Files in Unix

Need to copy over a large directory (in terms of the number of files) in unix and get the error “Argument List to Long”. Here is how to do it:

find /source/directory -type f -exec cp -r {} /destination/directory \;