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Mica Media.
PHP Web Development. Pittsburgh, PA.

Hello. I'm Dan Foley, lead developer and owner of micamedia. We write all of our code by hand. We program custom solutions in PHP, so you get exactly what you want. View our work below, or view the entire portfolio above.

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Web Development

I am Dan Foley owner and and lead web developer of Mica Media located in Pittsburgh, PA.  Mica Media's team of developers has been hand picked by Dan Foley. They are the best of the best. Mica Media develops optimized tested code, from  simple HTML sites, to dynamic database driven PHP web sites. Our programming is fast, so your site will run fast. Updating your site is simple with either my customized administrative control area, Word Press, or a combination of both. We will use what is best for your content.

Web Vulnerability Scanning

We now offer complete web vulnerability scanning services. Test your web site for possible weak points that hackers could exploit.  Read More here.

Web Design

Need design? micamedia works side by side with professional web designers. Our designers have experience, a history of quality work, and know XHTML and CSS inside and out. They design with your goals and your content in mind.


Our print design is done by Tricia Brancolini: a talented, experienced and creative professional. You can view her work, and contact her over at

Interested in working with micamedia?

Contact me at today.


Windows 7 task manager "start in" doesn't support (or need) quotes.
Windows 7 task manager “start in” doesn’t support (or need) quotes.

I couldn’t get a task to run. The error message it gtave was “The directory name is invalid”. I checked all the directories and they all looked valid to me. After much researching online, I found that the “start in” field MUST NOT have quotes in it. While the program to run field can have [&hel